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welcome to my world. fuck you

1 August
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you are not specal loved or cared for...you are the same useless brand of person.....you live your life cos you have no other choice...the people around u mean nothing....the ones you love arent there for you....you have 2 stop thinking we live in a good world...u have 2 open your mind to the possiblty god doesnt like you..in all due honesty he hates you.....if we are gods unwanted children..then so be it...we dont know him.....your one step closer to hitting bottom. well done.
u cant sleep but every day you feel like you want to rest..u close ur eyes..just 2 be woken by the same nightmare..again and again..the screams disturb you..your scared.what do you do?.....ur getting closer 2 bottom...you are neearly apart of the world where we dont live by rules or laws.