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Dear past Egan [03 Sep 2012|03:36am]
You could not spell for shit.

Sort that shit out.

From James Egan MSc.
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I never use this.... [29 Oct 2008|03:06am]
i am now a blond short haired man, who is good at his course and aiming for firsts every time.
I found a lovely girl to be with who accepts me.

I still work out a lot and i am currently 16 stone dead on and slowly getting rid of my beer belly.

New post in about a year yes?
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[20 Mar 2008|10:16pm]
so easter is here, joy!

So yeah, i am quite good at the moment, my diets gone tits up as i am not at the gym but nothing majoy, put 3 pounds on.
but i am keeping up with some daily warm ups, 100 sit ups and 100 push ups.

i made a decision to be rid of...every girl that likes me the other day, for the reason that i dont want to string them along.
I dont really know what i am doing if i am honest, going with the flow but i need to stop whatever i keep doing.

I want a girlfriend but then at times...dont want a girlfriend.
There was one girl, kelly.

it was going really well, texting alot, talking on the phone alot. She stayed at mine then we went to leeds to stay at hers.
When we got in there it got a bit....odd. I have nothing against drugs but she made kieran look like a part timer and also enter her barely ex boyfriend.
While sat in a random house in leeds at 11 at night with a guy kicking off i can only say one thing...i fucking hate leeds, What a shit hole!
Kelly turned round and went " i need to talk to him, il be back soon ".
So i GTFO! called in some favours and got picked up.
She left me at half 10 to go talk to him, got a text at half 1 in the morning " i just got back and your gone..."

Further proof that i pick the ones who are just drama queens really, like shiv this girl kicked off about shit thats not that imporant.
Talking of mega whores, i havent seen shiv in ages...which makes me sad cos i wanna be a mega cunt and show my newly (nearly)thin body off and point the fact shes with a self harming emo whineing make up wearing baby.
Not that i mean or anything...

So good things....oh got a new mp3 player, my other one died but went ont ebay and did some searching and i found a 4GB music and video player for 14 quid, fuck your ipods kids!
It did come from hong kong mind but it took 5 days!
My pc is back too....i thought i blew out the motherboard so i sent it off to be fixed, it turned out to be that the fan had gotten so clogged up with dust that it kept over heating....*sighs*

Got alot happening soon, folk night at kates which is always fun and i get to meet stu! its a bastard when you know quite a few things of someone, some of the music you listen to is thanks to the guy and you have never met him!
I shall kiss his beutifull face.
Captions debut gig coming up which i cant wait to see, last time i saw stig it was amazing and i was nervous really cos i hadnt seen him in so long but hes put me back on the path after the things he said.
it also seems like everyones going to be there...which will be fun.

Thats it really, i hope everyones well.
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i dont.... [06 Mar 2008|01:21pm]
use this anymore.

so maybe a quick update?

The past few months has involved the gym everyday, work, reading and just having fun really.

The gym side of things have made me proper happy, i am pretty much quite toned now other than a little belly but the amount i work out a day is increasing, i do about 3 to 4 hours a day which involves Cardio and weight lifting.
Usualy starts with 10 minutes up hill on the bike, 4 miles on the rowing machine and then 4 miles on the running machine.
I work all parts of my body with the weights, lifting 50K atm, i could do more but i am working on defineing my body, not being a beef cake.
200 sit ups aswell with a 100 push ups, 50 pull ups and 100 mid air sit ups.
Then a god 20 minutes in the sauna.

I do that everyday and its starting to show, i have gone down 2 sizes in jeans and i can wear large t shirts with hardly any bumps.

Thats all my life is atm really, other than uni work which is going well as usual.

i do have class soon but cant be arsed, looking forward to easter, off to work and then at summer i am off to the sarnie factory in worksop, working nights and getting about 350 quid a week, win for me.

I hope everyones well.
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[19 Jan 2008|03:51pm]
sooo my grades are:

Programming : 2:1
Game studies : 2:1
Creative tec : 2:1
platforms : 2:1

not bad eh?

well been to the gym a few times untill this illness crept up, killing me not being able to work out.
Got a house sorted with stacey, tom and soph. Soph is friends with rosie which...may be arkward at times.
Shiv turned out to be full of shit ....typical really?

Not alot to say really...
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[06 Jan 2008|03:43am]
You know, i have been a fan of Cary brothers for a few years now, since hearing blue eyes during garden state.

He played here just over a year ago and i went to a few gigs but earlier i left this myspace comment :

jesus man whats a guy go to do to get some UK shows :P



Now...usualy when you comment a band you dont expect them get back to you but cary always does! :

so i heard a bit of good news yesterday that it looks as if i'll be starting the european tour in the uk in late april...

can't wait...

I am so happy about this :D

Deffo meeting the guy this time!

Said bye to shiv earlier...like bye as in gf/bf thing, i think il be ok :)
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[03 Jan 2008|09:22pm]
there are few things that make me sad, sometimes even the silly things do but these words crushed me:

" i thought i loved you "


gotta say big thanks to Daz, been good to me the past few days dude.
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[01 Jan 2008|06:46pm]
holy shit...

Today i was given a car...by my step dad as he is getting a new one, giving his old one my sister and i am having hers.


so theres the glitch of..erm i need to pass my fucking test.

I am sure il be just fine :D
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[18 Dec 2007|02:44am]
My grandma died today....kinda gutted, dont know how i deal with death really.
i accept that it has happend and there is nothing i can do it about it so the only thing to do is move on.

So this next comment wont seem as harsh, i really can not stop watching The Dark Knight trailer, I went away to shivs for the weekend and so forgot that it was coming out so it was a nice suprise when i got home!

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[06 Dec 2007|12:58pm]
I have 4 assignments to be handed in after xmas.
Nothing too hard.
I have done two already, just got to do a 1000 word research essay into LAN,WAN and MAN networks and game studies.
Making a blackjack game.
Its a royal bitch, i have spent the past 2 and half months learning C# and game maker doesnt use it.

Its the snowflake ball tonight, going with shiv like.
full suit and shit.

Kinda feel like i am an outsider atm, flat mates are tats and certain people who i stuck my neck out for dont even talk to me.
Oh well.

Got guitar hero 3 for pc last week, i am so happy i could cry :D

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il have a 2:1 and a 1st please.... [28 Nov 2007|12:16am]
So nearly xmas now and nearly time to go home.
so 3 months and i hav the following grades so far :

Introduction to programming : A 1st on one assignment and one more to hand in.
Creative tec : i got a 2:1 in photography and didnt really try...
Platforms : a 2:2 so far apprantley.
Game studies: havent..even done any work yet, got an assignment to be handed in after xmas.
Date, networks and the web : erm....yeah that doesnt really matter.

I know the first year doesnt count really but the fact i am getting great grades makes me feel good about myself.

I get a data networks assignment soon that counts for 70% of the course grade, thats going to be really fun.

Been working with Daz on his media groups TV studio live thing and i have to say this, god i feel sorry for him and really glad i am not doing media.
bunch of retarded monkeys.

So with it being nearly end of the year its time to get dieting soon.
same as last year i am going to for the first 3 months, last year it was 5 stone i lost but this year just aim for 2 and getting fitter.

My time table for next term is beutifull! i have pretty much weds, thurs and friday off!

Me and shiv are good..dont really have that much to say but yeah i am happy.
Its the snowflake ball next week and i am going on full suit...sooo il post a picture.

I also have very short hair now :) feels good to have.
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my next assignment... [02 Nov 2007|08:36pm]
A 10 second video...

Fuck rite off.
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Uni work... [28 Oct 2007|12:18am]
my first game making task is to make a Casino style game....
I have 2 and half months to make it.
i just finished my first attempt, by the looks of it id get a 2:1 for it...so time to bump it to a first.
I think adding an online multiplayer option would help that.
It would of been more of a challange had i not already spent a while playing around with the Game maker program, i made a first person shooter the other day :D

Programming is not as easy as i hoped, my first assignment is to make a guessing game program.
Looking at it properly its going to be alot of " if" and "else" commands.
I am going to the computer lab tuesday and thursdays to work on it.

Handing my first assignment in for creative tech on monday, it was a photography assignment and i think my pictures look pretty mega, they meet all the set requirements and more so all good.
Next project is a 10 second video clip, the best part is hardly no one knows how to use avid..soo i will know somet :D

Platforms is...well easy.

Data, networks and the web can go fuck, got an in class test next week.

So me and shiv have been dating for a month and a bit, i stayed at hers last night.
Was amazing for so many reasons, i fell asleep dead easy aswell.
Steffi is being a fat pain in the ass, trying to stir shit with that tay lad and she told him to msg shiv coming on to her and shit. This angers me.
So now steffi can look forward to alot of pranks on behalf..like some cunt ordering pizza for her place without her knowing...whoops.

I asked shiv out last night...spur of the moment thing and she said soon, i guess i would of got really worried about that back in the day but not anymore :)

time to do some more work heh :)
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[17 Oct 2007|01:28pm]
Do you think that if i stab three of my classmates in the eye with a smashed world of warcraft disc that anyone would give a fuck?
I mean they talk constantley during class and i aint stereotyping but i doubt they have ever seen a girl naked other than on the fucking internet!
They are gormless, morons and fucking know it alls.
The fact they prolly play computer games constantley makes them think they are the best people ever for the course but i have seen there programming work and game maker work and they are fucking shit at it.

Natural selection has some fucking work to do.

On a good note, it was mine and shivs 12th date last night and it went well.
We watched spiderman and she liked it :) she makes all these weird noises and proper gets into them. However she doesnt like horror films which knocks out all of my film collection pretty much but i am going to download all of the marvel films and others!
Id say watch spiderman 3 but sadly the more i watch it the more i hate it :(

Some how i have maxed out my credit card maybe it had somet to do with me buying a nitntendo DS, constant upgrades for my pc, alot of Civil war comics ( more on that later) and a few ultimate spiderman comics ( even more on that later ) but it defo had somet to do with me buying windows vista because i couldnt get on the internet with my illegal copy of windows XP.
vista isnt that bad, its just i am a fan boy and love XP but atleast i am up to date.
People bitch that it makes there pc's slower, heres a tip. Get a fucking better pc!
Some guy was bitching because it was running slow on an intel celearon with 1gb of ram , i mean what does he fucking expect? stop being a cheap bastard.
I have just bought 3 500GB HDD for my machine and 2 new fans because its getting that hot, its acting like a fucking radiator in my room!
I boughd a Step Softly, Ghost Cd aswell from amercia because i couldnt find it anywhere on amazon.co.uk, useless bastards.
Bought shiv a knitting book too...

shiv is also making my Halloween outfit and i am going as the punisher :)
I have never dressed up for halloween so this will make a change.

So yeah like i said i have been reading the civil war story and erm it isnt that great if i am honest.
I love the whole Cap amercia Vs Iron Man but i guess it shows how behind i am on some of the comics, like when the hell did thor die or go missing, whatever.
You know with the justice League film looking for actors and apprantley starting filming in Feb ( superherohype.com ftw ) then i wonder if we have the chance of an Avengers film coming soon.
Also a dragonball z film...that should be alot of weird posing and screaming!
also been reading the rest of Ultimate spiderman and my biggest fucking issue with the Clone War saga is this.
Doc Ock can control metal, What the fuck?
That fucked me rite off.

OOO also one more thing, The orange box!
What a fucking box of sex, half life2: episode 2 is fucking beutifull, portal is one of the best ideas ever and i fucking hate the fact it came from uni students! but its all about team fortress 2! i have clocked in about 20 hours and i have never had this much fun playing a FPS.

I miss mandy alot lately, havent seen her for months and i feel sorry for her.
Now i dont wanna stick my foot in the door but il say this. Some cunts should give her a fucking break.

also i am making a full game using Game maker :), in workshops we do a chapter a week so me being mr amazing i went through all of the chapters and now working on my own stuff :)

Also www.spoonyexperiment.com
Give it a watch if you like harsh reviews and shit :)
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bexx said i should do it.... [11 Oct 2007|09:49pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[11 Oct 2007|11:08am]
Seeing daz stood outside the main media building doing nothing made it feel like college all over again.
All i need now is kieran perving on girls constantley.
Dirty little fuck.

Got quite drunk last night and had a laugh.
Seeing shivvy later :)
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In a nutshell... [10 Oct 2007|12:46am]
Programming is hard but i am catching on quick.
Got my first project and it isnt much of a challange.

Played alot of Team Fortress 2 and Half life 2: episode 2 is out in the moro whoop!
halo 3 is a let down and over rated and i am fed up of everyone talking about it....

Scrubs season 7 starts in 3 weeks and is the last season :(
House season 4 is amazing and as usual no i will not be watching heroes untill it has finihsed for the season.

Shivs amazing and thats about it really, i was a cliche bastard and bought her flowers earlier, she smiled lots and then i made a bad fucking joke which i feel shit for.
Sometimes i really fucking suck.
Seeing her is helping me not miss home because theres something here that means alot now.

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[07 Oct 2007|03:53pm]
Next week it has been a year since me and rosie split up.
Considering everything thats happend it isnt really bothering me, i guess because of the girl i met 2 weeks ago.
Her names Shiv ( short for a long name that i cant spell ) shes really pretty, funny, likes the same sort of stuff of me and does fashion here in lincoln.
We have hung out pretty much everyday this week.
Last night i went to the shed with apartment 6 folk and i had 12 shots in a pint glass, then went to scream and there was a girl called nat.
now me and nat went for a drink first week of uni and got along well, we was ment to go to the cinema but she was too ill apprantley however next day i saw her and she was covered in shag bites and turned round and went " yeah i got a bit too drunk with a guy last night ".
Now i hate liars but what i hate more is stupid liars.

So i walk into scream and shes there, wearing short hot pants and a low cut top.
she comes over and starts danceing infront of me, bum in crotch and shit which is a first for me.
So after spending a few minutes like that i was a tad uncomfy and she was all over me.
I had to make a decision, now me and shiv arent going out but we act like a couple, were just taking it slow i guess.
So it was...get it on with nat or sneak away with stealth and go tell shiv what happend because you know if your not truthfull from the start of a realtionship then it will come and bite you in the ass.
Now looking back i guess old egan would of thought " hell yeah, lets get some sexytime on" but i didnt.
I couldnt stop thinking about shiv, so i pushed nat away and walked out and ran to shivs apartment and told her everything.
Its the first time i have ever made a rite decision.
I then pretty much was at shivs untill 5 in the morning, just lieing there and kissing.
She fell asleep so i snuck out and came home.

Its a cliche but i am actually happy, after how boring this year has been and not really doing much.
I have been at uni 3 weeks, loving my course, met cool people and met an amazing girl.
Life could not be better.
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Alrate love..you gonna eat that subway? [28 Sep 2007|10:00pm]
Time for an update i guess.

Sooooo the big news is that i now live in lincoln, i go to lincoln uni and i study Games computing.
Its all gone well i guess, i got moved in fine. My flat mates are alrate, its me, a gay dude, 2 thin girls and 2 fat girls.
My room is...not that bad, its the shower really. Now i am a lazy bastard at best but having a toliet right under a shower just takes the piss...i mean i can have a shit, shower and shave with way too much ease.
Went out pretty much every night during freshers, threw up on the first night which was a great start!
Partyed alot, met alot of new people and had fun.
Last friday was pretty fun, Zane Lowe was the DJ at the engine shed and FOALS lead singer was the guest DJ, which sucked cos i am sure i was the only person that cheered for him...fuck.
Spent all night danceing with a very nice girl called cheska...untill she did poppers and snogged a girl infront of me, all be it impressive i was a tad put off.
Started doing lessons this week aswell which has turned out to be amazing, i was scared at first that i wouldnt know what i am doing but i am perfect for this course. Not had any work yet mind, cant wait till i get some :)
On the girl front...its pretty much a no brainer at the moment, no big issues. Steffis out the window as shes an annoying cunt but its all about weds night.
Now as it goes i am a big bleleiver in cliche sort of moments, i went out with spadge, her boyfriend sam and her twin roz and as soon as we got in glasshouse i spot this girl.
Medium blonde hair, glasses, lip done and very pretty. so i kept gawping..as you do.
After buying drinks we went upstairs onto the balcony and i kept seeing her everywhere...so i decided il go talk to her, sadly she went missing.
Was kinda gutted....then checked my myspace next day at the libary and she had found me and msged me and said that she had wanted to talk to me before but didnt know what to say...:D
so we have spoke alot but sadly i am home this weekend so il see her next week :)...she has a name that sounds like it belongs in a final fantasy game heh.

So all in all..i am happy, not big issues :)
Not that gutted about leaing home and getting on with it really :)

On a side note..in a week its been a year since me and rosie split up, i dont know how i feel about tha really. I guess i shouldnt think about it really.
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[30 Aug 2007|03:53pm]
time for an update.
I am off to uni in 17 days, which i am pretty looking forward too.
Got all my stuff ready and got plenty of cloths for it.
Really suprised nothing has gone wrong, student loan has gone through fine and sent my contract off for my room in halls.

Been buying lots of stuff too lately.
bought all 5 seasons of red vs blue on DVD and amercian dad season 1: part 2 aswell.

I am very tempted to buy bioshock on pc, heard nothing but good things about it and its only 25 quid on steam.

I am now a comfy 15 and half stone or around it which i am happy with now.

So yeah...i know daz that my updates are boring but fuck all has happend for the past 9 months, it fucking sucks.

hope everyone is well.
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